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Both my daughters (now 5 and 7) have been swimming at Maroubra Swimming School since age 2. The standard of teaching is excellent and the continuity of teachers has really helped Eva and Scarlett feel confident and comfortable and has ensured they are both great swimmers. Malcolm and the staff are nurturing, fun and focused. I recommend Maroubra Swimming School to anyone.

Becky Jones

Our experience has been excellent in every aspect – from very professional management to very dedicated, caring and experienced teachers. Nathan loves coming to swimming lessons and can’t wait to get to the beach or pool. As a parent, it has been wonderful to watch his confidence and skills steadily grow.

Nadia Farah

The main advantages I have found for my children attending Maroubra Swimming School are that there is a lot less noise as there are fewer children in the pool at any one time. Also there are only 3 teachers calling out instructions. Teachers at other swimming schools have had one of my children in tears by pushing him too far too fast. I have found the teachers at Maroubra Swimming School to be prepared to work with the child at the edge of their competence without frightening them. Also, being able to miss 3 lessons a term (with reasonable notice) means that there are fewer sick children in the pool. Not paying for these lessons means you don’t tend to bring a sick child to swimming so germs are less likely to be spread at this pool.


My children have been coming to Maroubra Swimming School since 2002. Both have had a fantastic experience. The classes are small and personal, and with the same teacher every week, they get the attention they need to progress through the levels. Both are confident and strong swimmers for their age. I highly recommend Maroubra Swimming School.

Nadia Ravanello

I learnt to swim at Maroubra Swimming School over 25 years ago. Now my children are learning to swim here. I cannot recommend this friendly, family business enough for their professionalism and reasonable rates. You won’t regret sending your child to Maroubra Swimming School.

Rebecca Moore

Charley & Liam’s swimming has improved so much since coming to Maroubra Swimming School. They both love coming to their lessons. Malcolm is a fantastic teacher – endlessly patient and very gentle and shows that he really likes children and loves teaching them to swim.

Mrs Hurst

The minute you walk into Maroubra Swimming School it feels like home. Warm, friendly and safe – the perfect place for my son to overcome his separation anxiety and grow to LOVE swimming independently. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Mrs Jollife

My son Evan had been to another swim school and that experience was very difficult. Evan used to cry a lot and get so upset he would be sick. I joined him with Maroubra Swimming School and from the first day he loved it! His swimming improved a lot and so did his confidence. Evan is now at an advanced level and last year swam in his first school swimming carnival and came a place in 50m freestyle. Great school, great instructors, very happy mum!

Tessi August

My brother, sister and I all came to Maroubra Swimming School and now my children are learning to swim here. The school is fantastic and offers a very good personal approach in learning to swim!

Anthony Birtles

Maroubra Swimming School is a well organised and professionally managed school. The staff are genuinely caring and always concerned about the individual needs of my children. Management works hard to meet any time/day/lesson changes that you may require and do so in an efficient manner. Most importantly, my children have always been happy to attend classes as they feel comfortable in such a secure and supportive environment.

Mrs Simpson

We are extremely happy with the staff that are teaching both our children, reinforcing skills but moving them forward as their abilities improve, with their professionalism being an attribute to the school. The management team of both Malcolm and Cheryl are easily approachable at any time to discuss our children’s progress or address any of our concerns to our satisfaction.

Greg & Sandra Casey