About Us

Norm Hardwick’s first swimming school was at Sylvania Heights in the 1960’s. He very quickly earnt a reputation of excellence in teaching children to swim. In 1970, he relocated to Maroubra Swimming School. His ability to make learning to swim an enjoyable and rewarding experience for children is a philosophy that is now carried on by his son Malcolm, and daughter Vicki, together with a team of motivated and caring staff. All teachers are accredited with Swim Australia (ASSA) and Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (ASCTA) to ensure they are equipped with the latest developments in swimming. This, combined with our long-term experience, enables us to develop programs to achieve the best possible results with your children.

It is our philosophy at Maroubra Swimming School that if a child is happy and comfortable in their environment they will be more enthusiastic to learn. We are renowned for our patient and caring approach to our teaching as well as our very small class numbers.

To reinforce our positive approach, certificates of merit are awarded to encourage children to achieve to their potential. Our aim is to teach correct breathing and co-ordination and provide the necessary knowledge and understanding of swimming to do so. Our lessons are structured to maximum efficiency. We are a private teaching school and do not have the distraction of public swimmers. Warm water is essential to relax frightened children and enable them to learn to swim – our pool is heated to 33°C. Parents are requested to stay and watch their children’s progress from our viewing room.

Swimming is the most beneficial form of exercise. It increases lung capacity in asthmatics, improves co-ordination and concentration, tones muscles and builds self-esteem. Learning to swim is an essential part of every child’s education. Children who cannot swim are put in danger with the vast expanses of water surrounding us and, in addition, forfeit all the fun activities swimming would enable them to enjoy.

Give your child a gift for life – the ability to swim well.