The “Hardwick” family staff now spans two generations of swimming teaching experience. Our accreditation with Swim Australia, ASSA and ASCTA ensures we are equipped with the latest developments in swimming teaching.

Our program includes six different levels of classes from water-confidence through to advanced stroke correction. Adults are also catered for.

Learning to swim correctly is an essential part of every child’s education. Children who cannot swim are put in danger with the vast expanses of water surrounding us and, in addition, forfeit all the fun activities swimming would enable them to enjoy.

It is our philosophy at Maroubra Swimming School that if a child is happy in their environment they will be more enthusiastic to learn. We are renowned for our patient and caring approach to our teaching. The best possible progress is ensured by our very small class numbers—maximum 3 pupils per teacher in beginners’ lessons.

To reinforce our positive approach, certificates of merit are awarded to encourage children to achieve their best.

Our aim is to teach correct breathing and co-ordination and provide the necessary knowledge and understanding of swimming to do so.

Our lessons are structured to maximum efficiency. We are a private teaching school and do not have the distraction of public swimmers. Warm water is essential to relax frightened children and enable them to learn to swim—our pool is heated to 33°C. Parents are requested to stay and watch their children’s progress from our viewing room.

Swimming is the most beneficial form of exercise. It increases lung capacity in asthmatics, improves co-ordination and concentration, tones muscles and builds self-esteem. Our system of payment is unique in that we DO make allowances for illness. Please ask for our information sheet for full details. Payment methods accepted are cash, cheque or bank transfer. Potential customers are very welcome to observe our lessons before booking.


After one full-price lesson in any week from Monday to Saturday, all extra casual lessons you take in the same week will be ½ price! The number of lessons you take is unlimited, but is subject to availability, and is only available on casual lessons (not permanent bookings). Children benefit greatly by swimming more than once per week. These extra lessons are an ideal way to boost their progress. It also represents excellent value for money. It can be taken as a 1 hour lesson or on a separate day.